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日期: 2020-12-29

1Solution   structure of the voltage-gated Tim23 channel in complex with a mitochondrial沈兵20.507Cell   Research. 2020 Dec 14; 0: 1-4.
2Myeloid cell-specific IL-6 signaling promotes miR-223-enriched exosome production to attenuate NAFLD-associated fibrosis侯昕14.971Hepatology. 2020 Nov 24. doi: 10.1002/hep.31658.
3MeCP2 mediates transgenerational transmission of chronic pain陶文娟12.6Progress in Neurobiology 189 (2020) 101790
4Prp5−Spt8 Spt3 interaction mediates a reciprocal coupling between splicing [and] tranion邵伟11.501Nucleic Acids Research ,2020 Jun 19;48(11):5799-5813
5JQ1,a bromodomain inhibitor, suppresses Th17 effectors by blocking p300-mediated acetylation of RORγ张玉侠7.73Br. J. Pharmacol,2020 Jul;177(13):2959-2973.
6Biosynthesis of alpha-Substituted beta-Ketoesters via the Tandem Knoevenagel Condensation-Reduction范新炯7.632ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8(22):8206-8213
7Polymer–Covalent Organic Frameworks Composites f[or] Glucose [and] pH Dual-Responsive Insulin Deliver in张贵阳7.367Advanced Healthcare Materials 2020, 2000221
8Alginate-poloxamer/silk fibroin hydrogels with covalently andphysically cross-linked networks郑红7.182Carbohydr Polym. 2020 Nov 1;247:116593.
9Combined morpho-chemical profiling of individual extracellular vesicles [and] functional nanoparticles沈兵6.785Analytical Chemistry. 2020 Apr 7; 92(7): 5585-5594. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.0c00607.
10Microglial depletion aggravates the severity of acute [and] chronic seizures in mice吴文宁6.633Brain Behav Immun 2020, 89:245-255
11Hepatocyte-derived MANF is protective f[or] rifampicin-induced cholestatic hepatic injury via inhibiti沈玉先6.17Free Radic Biol Med,2020 Oct 28;S0891-5849(20)31302-2.
12Adipocyte-derived   Leptin Promotes PAI-1-mediated Breast Cancer Metastasis in a STAT3/miR-34a   Manner卫晓慧6.126Cancers,   2020,12(12),3864.
13Spinal cord NLRP1 inflammasome contributes to dry skin induced chronic itch in mice.吴文宁5.793J Neuroinflammation 2020, 17:122
14NLRP1 inflammasome contributes to chronic stress-induced depressive-[like] behaviors in mice.吴文宁5.793J Neuroinflammation 2020, 17:178
15Integration of tranomic [and] metabolomic data reveals metabolic pathway alteration蔺帅5.778Chemosphere. 2020 Oct;256:126974.
16Long non-coding RNA MILNR1 retards colorectal cancer growth by inhibiting c-Myc胡汪来5.627Cancer Communications. 2020;1–5.(letter to editor)
17The momentous role of N6‐methyladenosine in lung cancer.沈玉先5.546Journal of Cellular Physiology, 2020 Nov 1. doi: 10.1002/jcp.30136.
18Hyperuricemia induces lipid disturbances mediated by LPCAT3 upregulation in the liver路文杰5.391The FASEB Journal, 2020, doi: 10.1096/fj.202000950Rv
19Thin platelet-[like] COF nanocomposites f[or] blood brain barrier transport [and] inhibition of brain张贵阳5.344Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2020, 8, 4475.
20Hepatocyte-derived MANF alleviates hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury via regulating endoplasmic r沈玉先5.175Liver International,2020 Oct 16. doi: 10.1111/liv.14697.
21miR-205/Runx2 axis negatively regulates CD44+/CD24- Breast cancer stem cell activity李菲菲5.17American Journal of Cancer Research, 2020;10(6):1871-1887
22Insight   into inflammasome signaling: implications f[or] Toxoplasma gondii infection余莉5.085Frontiers   in immulnology,11: 583193
23Neutrophil: A New Player in Metastatic Cancers.郑红5.085Front. Immunol., 24 September 2020
24Role of Mesencephalic Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophic Fact[or] in Alco-hol-Induced Liver Injury.沈玉先5.076Oxidative Medicine [and] Cellular Longevity,2020, Jul 7;2020:9034864. doi: 10.1155/2020/9034864.
25Xanthatin induces glioma cell apoptosis [and] inhibits tum[or] growth via冯利杰5.064Acta Pharmacol Sin,2020 Mar;41(3):404-414.
26A composite nanocarrier to inhiby basic drug in the gastrointestinal tr吴允凯4.902Drug delivery,2020,vol,27,NO.1,712-722
27The association between KLF4 as a tum[or] suppress[or] [and] the prognosis of hepatocellular  carcinoma胡若磊4.831Aging (Albany NY)12(15):15566-15580.
28Resveratrol ameliorates rheumatoid arthritis via activation of SIRT1-Nrf2 signaling pathway陈晓宇4.734Biofactors,2020 May;46(3):441-453.
29Fluorescent Col[or] Analysis of Ascorbic Acid by Ratiometric Fluorescent Paper Utilizing Hybrid Carbon赵婷婷4.613Dyes [and] Pigments,2020,108995
30IQGAP2 Inhibits Migration [and] Invasion of Gastric Cancer Cells via Elevating SHIP2 Phosphatase Activ叶艳4.556Int J Mol Sci. 2020, 21(6):1968.
31Physical   interaction of tropomyosin 3 [and] STIM1 regulates vascular smooth. muscle contractility and朱金行4.55BIOMEDICINE   & PHARMACOTHERAPY. 2020, 134: 111126.
32Activation of SREBP-1c alters lipogenesis [and] promotes tum[or] growth [and] metastasis in gastric cancer徐有志4.545Pharmacotherapy, 2020, 128: 110274.
33Myosin light chain kinase inhibit[or] ML7 improves vascular endothelial dysfunction [and] permeability汪渊4.545Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,128:110258
34Endothelial progenit[or] cell–derived exosomes ameliorate endothelial dysfunction in a mouse沈兵4.545Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2020 Nov; 131: 110756. doi.org/10.1016/j.biopha.2020.110756.
35Protective effects of AS-IV on diabetic cardiomyopathy李卫平4.545Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 127 (2020) 110081
36The effect of transient receptorpotential vanilloid 4on the intestinal epithelial barrier [and] human杜鹃4.545Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy 2020,122,109697
37Vitexin attenuates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in ratsby regulating mitochondrial董六一4.545Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,2020,124:DOI:10.1016/j.biopha.2020.109849;IF:4.545
38A review on the extraction, purification, detection, [and] pharmacological effects董六一4.545Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,2020,124:DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2020.109923;IF:4.545
39Palmitate induces human glomerular mesangial cells fibrosis李卫平4.519BBA - Molecular [and] Cell Biology of Lipids 1865 (2020) 158793
40Epigenetic silencing of LncRNA ANRIL enhances liver fibrosis [and] HSC activation through……杨雁4.486J Cell Mol Med. 2020, 24: 2677-87.
41Smad3 gene C-terminal phosphorylation site mutation aggravates CCl4-induced inflammation in mice.杨雁4.486J Cell Mol Med. 2020, 24: 7044-54
42Transient recept[or] potential canonical 5-scramblase signaling complex mediates沈兵4.366Cells. 2020 Feb 26; 9(3): 547. doi: Cells. 2020 Feb 26; 9(3): 547. doi: 10.3390/cells9030547.
43TRPP2 [and] STIM1 form a microdomain to regulate store-operated Ca2+ entry [and] blood vessel tone沈兵4.344Cell Communication [and] Signaling. 2020 Aug 31; 18(1): 138. doi: 10.1186/s12964-020-00560-7.
44The host autophagy during Toxoplasma infection都建4.259Frontiers in Microbiology. 2020,11.589604.                       http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/33193253
45Toxoplasma gondii ROP16ⅠDeletion:the Exacerbated Impact on Adverse Pregnant Outcomes in Mice.沈继龙4.25Front Microbiol,2020 Jan 31;10:3151
46A proton-coupled folate transporter mutation causing hereditary folate malabsorption locks the詹鹤琴4.238J. Biol. Chem.,2020, 295(46):15650-15661 
47TAK-242 ameliorates DSS-induced colitis by regulating the gut microbiota [and] the JAK2/STAT3王佳佳4.2Microb Cell Fact. 2020 Aug 6;19(1):158.
48Downexpression of HSD17B6 correlates with clinical prognosis and tum[or] immune易启毅4.175Cancer Cell International, 2020,20:210
49miR-100-3p inhibits cell proliferation [and] induces apoptosis in human gastric cancer through汪思应4.175CANCER CELL INTERNATIONAL
50MRI enhancement [and] tum[or] targeted drug delivery using Zn2+-doped Fe3O4 core/mesoporous silica方伟军4.152ACS Applied Bio Materials,2020, 3, 3, 1690–1697
51#2714, a novel active inhibit[or] with potent G2/M phase arrest [and] antitum[or] efficacy in clinical mod徐有志4.114Cell Death Discovery, 2018, 4: 24
52Prevalence [and] risk factors of intrahepatic cholestasis陈远华3.998Sci Rep,2020;10(1):16307.
53Continuous association of total bile acid levels with the risk of small f[or] gestational age infants陈远华3.998Sci Rep,2020; 10(1):9257.
54The role [and] mechanism of action of RNF186 in colorectal cancer through negative regulation of NF-κB章华兵3.968Cellular Signalling ,2020 Nov;75:109764.
55KLF5-mediated COX2 upregulation contributes to tumorigenesis driven by PTEN deficiency查晓军3.968Cellular signalling. 2020;75:109767
56Ginsenoside Rg1 ameliorates glomerular fibrosis during kidney aging李维祖3.943International Immunopharmacology 82 (2020) 106339
57Effects of sorafenib on fibroblast-[like] synoviocyte apoptosis in rats with adjuvant arthritis黄学应3.943International Immunopharmacology, 2020, 83:1-6
58The CRD of Frizzled 7 exhibits chondroprotective effects in osteoarthritis via inhibition of the贺威3.943INTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY  82 (2020) 106367;
59Antidepressant-[like] effects of penta-acetyl geniposide in chronic unpredictable mild蔡莉3.943International Immunopharmacology. 2020, 80: 106182.
60The   interaction between the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus [and] the   tuberomammillary nucleus程娟3.707Frontiers   in neuroscience, 2020 Dec 14;14:615854.
61Ginsenoside Rg1 protects against aging-induced renal interstitial fibrosis李维祖3.701Journal of Functional Foods 72 (2020) 104049
62Protective effects of ginsenoside Rg1 on neuronal senescence李维祖3.701Journal of Functional Foods 65 (2020) 103713
63Increased talin–vinculin spatial proximities in livers in response to spotted fever group rickettsia刘亚坤3.686laboratory investigation
64Activation of Nrf2/AREs-mediated antioxidant signalling, [and] suppression of profibrotic TGF-β1/……杨雁3.647Life Sciences, 2020, 256: 117909. doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2020.117909
65ApoE deficiency promotes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice via impeding AMPK/mT[or] mediated陈明3.647Life Sciences. (2020) 252:117601
66Six-week   exercise training with dietary restriction improves central hemodynamics沈兵3.644Frontiers   in Endocrinology. 2020 Dec 07; 11: 1-10.
67Ratiometric fluorescent nanosens[or] f[or] dosage-sensitive visual discrimination of glucose based on el赵婷婷3.594Microchemical Journal,2020,158,105188
68A novel calibration strategy f[or] the analysis of airborne particulate matter by direct solid samplin乔磊3.594microchemical journal (2020)159,105474-105481.
69MicroRNA-144: A novel biological marker [and] potential therapeutic target in human solid cancer查晓军3.565Journal of Cancer. 2020;11(22):6716-6726
70miR-125b-5p/STAT3 Pathway Regulated by mTORC1 Plays a Critical Role in Promoting Cell Proliferation查晓军3.565Journal of Cancer. 2020;11(4):919-931
71miR-125b-5p/STAT3 Pathway Regulated by mTORC1 Plays a Critical Role in Promoting Cell Proliferation沙泉3.56Journal of Cancer, 2020,  11(4):919-931
72Helicobacter pylori infection leads to KLF4 inactivation in gastric cancer through a TET1-mediated汪思应3.491Cancer medicine. 2020. 9(7):2551-2563
733-Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase/hydrogen sulfide protects cerebral endothelial cells陈志武3.485Am J Physiol Cell Physiol.2020; 319(4):C720-C733
74Sorting Nexin 27 as a potential target in G protein-coupled receptors recycling f[or] cancer therapy周海胜3.417Oncology Reports.  44(5):1779-1786
75N-Myc induces malignant progress of prostate cancer by regulating FSCN1尹玉3.417Oncololgy Reports. 2020; 44(5): 2265-2274.
76Runx2 is required f[or] activity of CD44+/CD24-/low breast cancer stem cell in breast cancer李 -菲菲3.375Am J Transl Res 2020;12(5):2305-2318
77LEMD1-AS1 Suppresses Ovarian Cancer Progression Through Regulating miR-183-5p/TP53 Axis秦宜德3.337OncoTargets [and] Therapy, 2020, 13:7387-7398
78Prohibitin 1 interacts with signal transducer [and] activat[or] of tranion 3 in T-helper 17 cells张俊玲3.276Immunol Lett,2020 Mar;219:8-14
79Upregulation of 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase (PFKFB3) by hyperactivated mammalian target of rapamycin查晓军3.244IUBMB Life. 2020;72(5):965-977
80Theoretical study on resonance Raman spectra of meso-tetrakis (3,5-di-tertiarybutylphenyl)-porphyrin韦文美3.232Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular [and] Biomolecular Spectroscopy 241 (2020) 118659.
81DNMT1 Methylation of LncRNA GAS5 Leads to Cardiac Fibroblast Pyroptosis via Affecting NLRP3 Axis杨雁3.212Inflammation, 2020, 43: 1065-76
82Mono-macrophage-Derived MANF Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Kidney Injury via Inh沈玉先3.212Inflammation, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/s10753-020-01368-w.
83Orai-IGFBP3 signaling complex regulates high-glucose exposure-induced increased proliferation沈兵3.183BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care. 2020 Oct; 8(1): e001400. doi: 10.1136/bmjdrc-2020-001400.
84An ultra-sensitive T2-weighted MR contrast agent based on Gd3+ ion chelated Fe3O4 nanoparticles宋梦梦3.119RSC Advance., 2020, 10(31), 18054-18061.
85Folic acid modified Fe3O4 nanoclusters by a one-step ultrasonic technique f[or] drug delivery [and] MR I沈玉先3.119RSC Advances, 2020, 10, 5294.
86Milk‑derived hexapeptide PGPIPN prevents [and] attenuates acute alcoholic liver injury in mice by秦宜德3.098International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2020,  46(3): 1107-1117
87Breast cancer cells promote self-migration by secreting interleukin 8 to induce NET formation吴强2.984Gene, 2020 Jun 13; 754: 144902. DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2020.144902
88the cytokine profiles [and] immune response are increased in covid-19 patients with type2 diabetes mel方皓舒2.965Journal of Diabetes Research
89Cellular localization of the FMRP in rat retina张平平2.942Biosci Rep. 2020 Jun 26; 40(6): BSR20200570.
90Effect of X-rays on tran expression of rat brain microvascular endothelial cells沈兵2.942Bioscience Reports. 2020 Apr 30; 40(4): BSR20193760. doi: 10.1042/BSR20193760.
91A novel protein biochip screening serum anti-sperm antibody expression [and] natural pregnancy杜卫东2.942Biosci Rep. 2020 Feb 28;40(2):BSR20191769. doi: 10.1042/BSR20191769. 
92RF1 inhibits the proliferation [and] metastasis张佐阳2.886Cancer Manage Research. 2019,11: 369-378
93NUDT21 Suppresses Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis Through Regulating CPSF6 Expression吴正升2.886Cancer Manag Res. 2020 May 1;12:3069-3078.  
94FoxM1 is upregulated in osteosarcoma [and] inhibition of FoxM1 decreases osteosarcoma cell proliferati蔡永萍2.886ia Zhu, Kangyang Lu, Liyu Cao, Yong Hu, Yu Yin, Yongping Cai.Management [and] Research,2020:12 9857–9867 
95Establishment of a 1, 4, 7, 10-tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-tetraacetic acid杜卫东2.877Anal Biochem. 2020 May 15;597:113686. doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2020.113686. Epub 2020 Mar 7.
96Herzberg−Teller Effect Predominates in Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of Limonene Chiral Liq韦文美2.857Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2020, 124, 6642−6650
97MiRNA-221-3p in endothelial progenit[or] cell-derived exosomes accelerates skin wound healing沈兵2.842Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome [and] Obesity: Targets [and] Therapy. 2020 Apr 22; 13: 1259-1270. doi: 10.2147/DMSO.S243549.
98iTRAQ-based proteomics reveals serum protein changes in hypertensive rats induced by high-salt diet沈兵2.837EXCLI Journal. 2020 Nov 6; 19:1496-1511.
99MiR-122-5p suppresses the proliferation, migration, [and] invasion of gastric cancer cells应松成2.836Acta Biochim Biophys Sin
100Production [and] Characterization of Against Toxoplasma gondii ROP18 With Strain-Specific Reactivity余莉2.783Parasitology,2020 Aug;147(9):940-948.
101Distribution [and] characteristics of Beilong virus among wild rodents and shrews in China周海胜2.773Infection Genetics [and] Evolution,Jul; 85:104454
102Neuroprotective roles of total flavones of Camellia on early brain injury andcognitive文继月2.726Metabolic Brain Disease. 2020 Jun;35(5):775-783.
103Schizophrenia patients with a metabolically abnormal obese phenotype have milder negative symptoms任振华2.704BMC Psychiatry. 2020; 20(1):410
104Circulating Mesencephalic Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophic Fact[or] Negatively Correlates With王栋2.598Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2020 Feb;75(2):141-147.
105Total flavones of Rhododendron simsii Planch flower protect rat hippocampal neuron from陈志武2.571J Pharm Pharmacol. 2020;72(1):111-120
106Toxoplasma gondii Chinese I genotype Wh6 strain infection induces tau phosphorylation via activating储德勇2.555Acta Tropic, Volume 210, October 2020, 105560,1-9.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.actatropica.2020.105560
107Differentially expressed trans [and] associated protein pathways…张乐莎2.379PeerJ(2020)8:e9849.
108Comparison of hair medulla from esophageal cancer patients [and] healthy persons using synchrotron王欣2.379INFRARED PHYSICS & TECHNOLOGY 2020,105:103201.
109A study of Parkinson’s disease patients’ serum using FTIR spectroscopy王欣2.379INFRARED PHYSICS & TECHNOLOGY 2020,106:103279.
110A study of colorectal cancer patients' hair medulla by synchrotron radiation infrared microspectro-王欣2.379INFRARED PHYSICS & TECHNOLOGY 2020,111:103569.
111Innate lymphoid cells regulate radiation-induced skin damage via CCR10 signaling赵烨2.368International Journal of Radiation Biology, 2020, 96(9):1-22.
112Cholesterol partially rescues the inhibition effect of pravastatin on keratinocytes proliferation张胜权2.327Dermatologic Therapy,2020,e14305
113SLC25A10   performs an oncogenic role in human osteosarcoma陈晓宇2.311Oncol Lett,   2020 Oct; 20(4):2.
114Accumulation of stabilin-1 positive macrophages in the early stage of gastric cancer is杜卫东2.311Oncol Lett. 2020 Mar;19(3):2404-2412. doi: 10.3892/ol.2020.11310. Epub 2020 Jan 16.
115MicroRNA-421 Inhibits Apoptosis by Downregulating Caspase-3 in Human Colorectal Cancer朱华庆2.243Cancer Management [and] Research 12:7579–7587
116Bioinformatics analysis to screen key prognostic genes in the breast cancer tumor吴正升2.205Bioengineered. 2020 Dec;11(1):1280-1300
117Development of a dendrimer PAMAM-based gold biochip f[or] rapid [and] sensitive detection of杜卫东2.1Mol Med Rep. 2020;22(6):5369-5377.
118LC3B in Malignant Cells Correlates With Immune Infiltrate in Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma吴正升2.074Technol Cancer Res Treat. Jan-Dec 2020;19:1533033820970664. 
119A higher body mass index in Chinese inpatients with chronic schizophrenia is associated with任振华2.061Nord J Psychiatry. 2020; 1-8
120CMIP promotes Herceptin resistance of HER2 positive gastric cancer cells吴正升2.05Pathol Res Pract. 2020 Feb;216(2):152776. 
121Hepatoprotective effect [and] possible mechanism of phytoestrogen calycosin on carbon tetrachloride–王佳佳2.05Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch Pharmacol. 2020 May 30. DOI 10.1007/s00210-020-01891-5.
122Diagnostic utility of clinical laboratory data determinations for patients with the severe COVID‐19王林定2.021J Med Virol. 2020;1–6.
123Comparative proteomics reveals protective effect of resveratrol on a high-fat diet吕正梅1.946Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine. 2020; 66(1):37-49
124IL-1β-induced senescence promotes osteoblastic transition of vascular smooth muscle cells周海胜1.898Kidney & Blood Pressure Research,45(2): 314-330
125Salmonella enteritidis Hcp distribute in the cytoplasm [and] regulate TNFsignaling pathway in BHK-21郑丽明1.7983 Biotech (2020) 10:301
126MiRNA-155-5p reduces corneal epithelial permeability by remodeling epithelial tight junctions during汪渊1.754Current Eye Research, 45(8):904-913
127Effect of JAK-STAT pathway in regulation of fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in chickens朱亚玲1.664AJAS. 2020. Feb 25.
128Theoretical study of the mechanism of palladium-catalyzed hydroaminocarbonylation of styrene韦文美1.605Computational [and] TheoreticalChemistry,1191(2020)113040.
129BAF45D knockdown decreases cell viability, inhibits colony formation induces cell apoptosis and…刘超1.516Biosci Biotechnol Biochem,2020, 84(1): 1-7.
130Pleural translocation [and] lesions by pulmonary exposed multi-walled carbon nanotubes.徐结苟1.476J Toxicol Pathol 2020 Jul;333(3)
131Soluble Expression, Rapid Purification [and] Antiviral Activity of Recimbinant Bovine Interferon-alpha赵俊1.022APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY [and] MICROBIOLOGY.2020. 56(2),154-163. DOI: 10.1134/S0003683820020143
132Expression of Narcissus pseudonarcissus lectin [and] mannose recept[or] positive macrophages predict杜卫东0.986Transl Cancer Res 2020;9(10):5979-5993 
133Quantitative analysis of computer tomography in patients with first-episode paranoia schizophrenia朱友余0.659Journal of Medical Imaging [and] Health Informatics. 2020, 10(12): 2974-2978
134Diagnostic Value of 3.0T MRI in Cartilage Injury Grading of Knee Osteoarthritis张晓明0.659J. Med. Imaging Health Inf, 2020, 10(12): 2979-2984
135Lateral Supraorbital Approach f[or] the Surgical Clipping of Ruptured Tiny Anteri[or] Circulation Aneur任振华0.426J Coll Physicians Surg Pak. 2020; 30(5):523-6
136Molecular mechanisms [and] prognostic markers in head [and] neck squamous cell carcinoma沈兵0.252International Journal of Clinical [and] Experimental Pathology. 2020 Mar 1; 13(3): 371-381.








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